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Our fields of excellence

As a medicine city on the cutting-edge of research and digital technology, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole’s leading facilities can host major national and international events as well as any high-flying corporate function.


All the economic, academic and research figures involved in the area’s three fields of excellence (food, healthcare and environment) come together to form a powerful community that has put itself on the map: MedVallée. A vibrant economy, exciting research and academic influence are hotbeds that fuel the MedVallée master plan to create added value and jobs in the Montpellier area.

Greater Montpellier has set itself the goal to become a world leader in global healthcare.

Key figures

  • 18 CPER/ESRI academic research programmes 110 M€ investment
  • 29 development plans
  • 85 expansion projects in 2020/2022
  • 800 attendees at the first MedVallée convention


Key figures

  • 640 agricultural businesses covering 13,900ha of farmland
  • 2nd biggest agronomy research centre with as many as 2800 researchers
  • 60 innovative agronomy companies
  • 28 research and training centres, including 15 international ones

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is a pioneering area in agroecology and food policy. Montpellier is the HQ for the Agropolis International research centre and home to one of the world’s biggest scientific communities in agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment.

With 28 research centres, 2700 researchers and professors and the biggest agricultural and food business cluster in France, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, the city is the beating heart of an ecosystem that brings research and business together to drive innovation forward. The area is home to forty-odd food tech companies: Smag (InVivo group), ITK, Fruition Sciences, Matahi, Il était un Fruit, Qualiplante, ADNid, Envilys, Nyseos, Indatech, Histalim etc.

This future-forward field has the biggest scientific agronomy community and puts Montpellier on the world stage.


Films, video games, 3D animation, special effects, radio, audiovisual and design: the Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC) take pride of place in Montpellier.

The area’s creative energy is now fuelled by:

  • Businesses of all sizes, from freelance to major international groups (Ubifrance TV)
  • Specialists and consultants involved in every stage of the creative process
  • Training that provides much sought-after talent to hard-to-fill positions

Greater Montpellier encourages the industry’s growth by rolling out development plans to empower the sector (Montpellier Game Lab, networking events, workshops etc.) and supporting entrepreneurship with specific real estate.

Key figures

  • over 2100 jobs in animation, audio and voice in the area
  • over 100 M € in annual revenue in 2020
  • 750 digital design studios
  • 1500 days of shooting


Key figures

  • 63,600 regional jobs (Occitanie Numérique Ambition & Solution)
  • 75% of start-ups at the Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) work in digital
  • 3856 establishments in Greater Montpellier (2020 Economic Observatory for Greater Montpellier)

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has spent over 30 years supporting innovative companies by hosting pioneers in digital and innovation. Montpellier is the French epicentre of start-ups and was one of the first cities to be approved by French Tech.

The commitment of everyone involved in this industry (entrepreneurs, CEOs, university chancellors and public decision-makers) has enabled the Montpellier area to become a leading digital hub in France. Internet of things, cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, eHealth, food tech and green IT are just a few of the areas in which innovative digital companies based in Montpellier have made a name for themselves, at home and abroad. The area’s entrepreneurial passion for technological innovation was one of the main reasons for it being awarded the French Tech label in 2014.


Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is the biggest vine growing city area in France, with winemaking resources that no other French city can rival. 200 vine growers account for up to 3000 hectares, the vineyard lies on the edge of Montpellier and creates deep roots between the city and countryside. Greater Montpellier is also in a prime location: it’s a strategic crossroads deep in the biggest vineyard in France, the booming Languedoc. It also has a dynamic ecosystem empowered by research and training centres plus a leading catering and hospitality industry. Those are just some of the reasons for an ambitious campaign to position Greater Montpellier as the capital of wine.

Key figures

  • Number 1 vine growing metropolis in France
  • Up to 200 vine growers including 54 winemakers in the area
  • 2864ha of vineyards in the area
  • 72 partners approved by Vignobles & Découvertes


Key figures

  • 4th best university in France for life sciences and medicine (QS World University Ranking 2022)
  • 6th best university hospital in France (Le Point 2021 ranking)
  • 32,000 health, science and technology students, inc. 8000 studying healthcare
  • over 200 companies accounting for 7500 jobs

Home to the world’s oldest working Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier needs no introduction when it comes to healthcare.

Montpellier is a land of research and innovation with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, deep roots in healthcare and a focus on future medicine with the new Faculty of Medicine that opened in 2017.

It is home to a leading university hospital, major companies (Bausch+Lomb, Cerba Healthcare, HORIBA Médical, Sanofi, Zimmer Biomet etc.), innovative SMEs and VSBs, first class research centres and the Eurobiomed collaboration platform (number 1 healthcare network in France and number 1 diagnostics network in Europe).

The area’s strengths include: medical diagnostics, cancer research and treatment, genetics, regenerative medicine, innovative therapy, eHealth, silver economy and research into rare diseases.